The Road South is my solo bicycle journey along the Pan-American highway from the tip of North America to the tip of South America. The objective of this trip is identical to those of all my past trips--to enjoy the physical benefits of daily bicycle travel and to experience local cultures/communites/geography in a way that only cycling affords. I started bicycle touring over fifteen years ago and it was around that time I began fantasizing about bicycling through the mountains and jungles of Latin America. Over time, spurred on by my own travels by bike here and abroad as well as by the exploits of other cyclists along the Pan-Am, these thoughts made the gradual but inevitable transition from fantasy to trip-planning reality. In 2000 plans began to firm up and I considered a fall departure for a San Francisco-Argentina trip. Unfortunately, fate had other designs and a freak accident involving a pick-up truck and a bicyclist(me) in the summer left my left leg looking like this. Focus then shifted to 2001 and the possibility of starting in Alaska. However, by summertime the pieces of my lower leg had yet to unite so another delay was in order. Four surgeries and nearly two years after the accident my titanium-reinforced leg continues to heal but now appears up to the task. So now, at the age of 34, I embark on my most ambitious bicycle trip ever.
Along the Trans-Sumatran Highway in '92
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