Peru Photos
06.20.2003Tucume, PeruFormer capital of the Lambayeque civilization.
06.22.2003East of Pacasmayo, PeruDesert monotony.
06.23.2003South of Pacasmayo, PeruRoadside Pan-Am scenery.
06.24.2003Outside Trujillo, PeruThe great adobe city of Chan Chan.
06.26.2003Southeast of Viru, PeruReturning to the Andes.
06.27.2003Outside Chuquicara, PeruThe rocky road to nowhere.
06.28.2003Outside Chuquicara, PeruMore fun canyon riding.
06.29.2003South of Huallanca, PeruThe canyon narrows.
06.29.2003Yurimarca, PeruView from outside my "hotel" room.
06.30.2003South of Yungay, PeruThe majestic peaks of the Cordillera Blanca.
06.30.2003South of Yungay, PeruPeru's highest peak--Mount Huascaran.
06.30.2003North of Carhuaz, PeruFellow cyclists Bindy and Adrian.
07.04.2003Huascaran National Park, PeruCamping at the base of Taulliraju.
07.05.2003Huascaran National Park, PeruAtop Punta Union Pass.
07.05.2003Huascaran National Park, PeruEn route to Punta Union Pass.
07.06.2003Huascaran National Park, PeruDescending through Huaripampa Valley.
07.10.2003East of Pachacoto, PeruMy last day along the Cordillera Blanca.
07.10.2003North of Conococha, PeruMount Caullaraju.
07.10.2003West of Chiquian, PeruOne of my first glimpses of the Cordillera Huayhuash.
07.12.2003Cordillera Huayhuash, PeruCamping at Lake Jahuacocha.
07.13.2003Cordillera Huayhuash, PeruThe picture-perfect peaks(Jirishanca, Yerupaja Chico) of the Huayhuash Range.
07.15.2003West of Matacancha, PeruCompleting the ascent to Cuncush on foot.
07.15.2003West of Matacancha, PeruO2 break.
07.15.2003Pocpa, PeruAlternative means of transport.
07.17.2003West of Huanuco, PeruFiesta time.
07.17.2003West of Huanuco, PeruThe band plays on.
07.30.2003Huanuco, PeruSarah and Gaby--welcoming every Pan-American cyclist to the town of Huanuco.
08.01.2003Junin, PeruA surprise snow blankets the town's plaza.
08.01.2003South of Cerro de Pasco, PeruEntering the altiplano of Junin--Lake Yanamati.
08.02.2003South of Junin, PeruSchoolchildren preparing for the anniversary celebrations of the Battle of Junin.
08.08.2003South of Izcuchaca, PeruThe rugged route to Huancavelica.
08.10.2003South of Hauncavelica, PeruAscending along the world's highest continuous road.
08.10.2003South of Chanta Pass, PeruPristine high altitude scenery.
08.11.2003Outside Santa Ines, PeruLake Choclococha.
08.12.2003West of Ayacucho, PeruThe storm that failed to catch me.
08.12.2003West of Apacheta, PeruThe route to Apacheta Pass.
08.16.2003South of Ayacucho, PeruHigh atop the pampas.
08.18.2003West of Andahuaylas, PeruMy furry friends.
08.20.2003Kishuara, PeruSharing a drink with several of Kishuara's finest teachers.
08.21.2003Outside Abancay, PeruThe descent into the Pachihaca Valley.
08.27.2003Cusco, PeruInca stonework at Qoricancha(Temple of the Sun).
08.28.2003Pisac, PeruThe hilltop Inca fortress of Pisac.
08.30.2003Chinchero, PeruPreparing for market.
08.30.2003Moray, PeruAmphitheater? No, Inca agro-lab.
08.30.2003Salineras, PeruSalt pans in use since Inca times.
09.01.2003Piscacucho, PeruThe trek begins.
09.01.2003Llulluchapampa, PeruThe crew.
09.02.2003Warmiwanuska, PeruThe trail leading to Dead Woman's Pass.
09.02.2003Sayacmarca, PeruInca storehouse.
09.03.2003Near Phuyupatamarca, PeruThe Inca Trail--steps, steps and more steps.
09.04.2003Macchu Picchu, PeruThe classic view.
09.10.2003Outside Puno, PeruThe floating islands of Uros.
09.10.2003Taquile, PeruMarian, Dominique and a friend.
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