Chile Photos
10.07.2003South of Ollague, ChileSalar de Ollague.
10.12.2003Outside San Pedro de Atacama, ChileValley of the Moon
10.16.2003East of San Pedro de Atacama, ChileSalt, sand and snow.
10.16.2003West of Pasa Jama, ChileA much-needed descent.
10.16.2003West of Paso Jama, ChileMore surreal scenery.
11.21.2003East of Los Libertadores, ChileDescending into Chile.
11.23.2003Vina del Mar, ChileSunday Bathers.
11.26.2003Valparaiso, ChileView of the port.
11.27.2003Las Docas, ChileFormer pirate haven.
11.28.2003Isla Negra, ChilePablo Neruda's former seaside residence.
11.30.2003South of Pichilemu, ChileA change of pace.
12.13.2003Villarrica, ChileCelebrating a year and a half on the road.
12.16.2003Villarrica, ChileLake Villarrica and Volcano Villarrica.
12.16.2003South of Pucon, ChileThe descent from the crater.
12.16.2003South of Pucon, ChileOn the rim of Villarrica.
12.17.2003South of Caburgua, ChileOjos de Carburgua.
12.18.2003Southeast of Puesco, ChileVolcano Lanin and the road to the frontier.
12.18.2003Southeast of Puesco, ChileThe araucaria tree.
01.06.2004West of Puente Cisnes, ChileThe Camino Austral winds its way up the Cisnes River Valley.
01.09.2004Outside Villa Cerro Castillo, ChileCastle Mountain.
01.11.2004Lake General Carrera, ChileOutside "The Cathedral."
01.12.2004South of Puerto Bertrand, ChileChile's most voluminous river--the River Baker.
01.12.2004North of Cruce El Malten, ChileMorning over Lake General Carrera.
01.15.2004Near Campimento Entre Rios, ChileOverlook "Between Rivers."
01.16.2004Outside Candelario Mancilla, ChileCrossing back to Argentina--the hard way.
01.16.2004South of Candelario MancillaThe "road" to the frontier.
02.01.2004South of Paso Austral, ChileTierra del Fuego awaits.
02.02.2004South of Cerro Sombrero, ChileGuanuco crossing.
02.02.2004South of Cullen, ChileEnjoying a post-ride cocktail.
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