Mexico Photos
10.28.2002Tecate, BCCrossing the border.
10.29.2002Outside Tecate, BCA most unexpected campsite.
11.01.2002Southeast of Valle de la Trinidad, BCDiablo Mountain and the road not taken.
11.03.2002North of Puertocitos, BCDesert humor.
11.04.2002South of Puertocitos, BCThe "Road from Hell."
11.05.2002Bahia Gonzaga, BCThe Bay at dusk.
11.05.2002Bahia Gonzaga, BCBeachside accomodations.
11.06.2002Coco's Corner, BCA welcomed sight in the desert.
11.07.2002South of Laguna Chapala, BCThe Desierto Central.
11.10.2002San Ignacio, BCSThe oasis at San Ignacio.
11.10.2002San Ignacio, BCSThe mission at San Ignacio.
11.13.2002Mulege, BCSThe oasis at Mulege.
11.14.2002Bahia de Concepcion, BCSOne of the many fine inlets along Conception Bay.
11.16.2002Bahia de Loreto, BCSAnother fine bay along the penninsula.
11.24.2002Divisadero, ChihuahuaOur first glimpse of Copper Canyon.
11.25.2002Outside Creel, ChihuahuaBisabirachi--Valley of the erect???
11.26.2002Outside Creel, ChihuahuaThe first of several canyons.
11.26.2002Outside Creel, ChihuahuaMore canyon fun.
11.27.2002Outside La Bufa, ChihuahuaThe deepest of all the canyons.
11.27.2002Outside La Bufa, ChihuahuaThe biggest descent of the trip.
11.27.2002Outside La Bufa, Chihuahua
11.28.2002Outside La Bufa, ChihuahuaStellar canyon riding.
11.29.2002Satevo, ChihuahuaThe Lost Cathedral.
12.01.2002Outside Balleza, ChihuahuaNo more pine trees.
12.03.2002Hidalgo del Parral, ChihuahuaThe Plaza de Armas.
12.08.2002Outside Durango, DurangoLunchtime on the altiplano.
12.08.2002Villa del Oeste, DurangoMain street.
12.09.2002Durango, DurangoThe cathedral.
12.11.2002Vincente Guerrero, DurangoFritz finishes up an autograph session with the local schoolkids.
12.11.2002Sombrerete, DurangoThe first marching band I've seen equipped with miner's hats and headlamps.
12.11.2002Sombrerete, DurangoA splendid little colonial town.
12.14.2002Zacatecas, ZacatecasView of the town from La Bufa.
12.19.2002Outside San Luis Potosi, MexicoAnother roadside swarming.
12.20.2002San Luis de la Paz, GuanajuatoFour Pan-American cyclists saddle up for one last ride together.
12.21.2002San Miguel de Allende, GuanajuatoParroquia de San Miguel Arcangel.
12.22.2002San Miguel de Allende, GuanajuatoView of the town from the Mirador.
01.03.2003Dolores Hidalgo, GuanajuatoIndependence leader Miguel Hidalgo.
01.05.2003Guanajuato, MexicoView of the town.
01.05.2003Guanajuato, MexicoThe world's smallest mummie.
01.06.2003Guanajuato, MexicoGuanajuato's underworld.
01.08.2003Morelia, MichoacanOne of the many fine plazas in Morelia.
01.09.2003Outside Morelia, MichoacanThe Mil Cumbres Highway.
01.11.2003El Rosario, MichoacanMonarch butterfly mating grounds.
01.14.2003Mexico City, MexicoOne of many murals at the Institute of Public Education.
01.15.2003Tenango, MexicoThe ruins at Teotenango.
01.15.2003Tenango, MexicoThe hillside ruins at Teotenango.
01.16.2003GuerreroThe Caves of Cacahuimilpa.
01.17.2003Taxco, GuerreroThe hillside silver center of Taxco.
01.19.2003Curnavaca, GuerreroThe Palace of Cortez.
01.21.2003Outside Cuautla, PueblaThe mighty Popocactepetl.
01.24.2003Outside Huajuapan de Leon, OaxacaThe road going up and away from Huajuapan.
01.27.2003Outside Oaxaca, MexicoThe Zapotec ruins at Monte Alban.
01.28.2003Tule, OaxacaThe Tree of Tule, supposedly the biggest single biomass in the world.
01.28.2003Dainzu, OaxacaThe ruins at Dainzu, dating from 300 BC.
01.28.2003Yagul, OaxacaThe post-Monte Alban ruins at Yagul.
01.29.2003Outside Oaxaca, MexicoThe ingredients for the world's best mezcal.
01.29.2003Oaxaca, MexicoHostel Paulina.
01.29.2003Oaxaca, MexicoThe friendly host at Hostel Paulina.
01.30.2003Outside Miahuatlan, OaxacaAscending into the Sierra Sur.
01.30.2003North of Pachutla, OaxacaThe steamy descent to the coast.
01.31.2003Zipolite, OaxacaThe first of several fine beaches north of Puerto Angel.
02.04.2003Mazunte, OaxacaThe mellow travelers' destination of Mazunte.
02.13.2003Outside Tepanatepec, OaxacaIntro to Chiapas.
02.16.2003Chiapa de Corzo, ChiapasSumidero Canyon.
02.17.2003Outside Chiapa de Corzo, ChiapasLeaving Tuxtla Gutierrez behind and heading into the highlands.
02.19.2003San Juan Chamula, ChiapasTzotzil children.
02.20.2003Ocosingo, ChiapasMy Commandante Marcos keychain.
02.21.2003Agua Azul, ChiapasThe inviting pools at Agua Azul.
02.21.2003Agua Azul, ChiapasOne of several falls at Agua Azul.
02.22.2003Miso-Ha, ChiapasThe falls of Miso-Ha.
02.23.2003Palenque, ChiapasTemple of the Cross.
02.23.2003Palenque, MexicoThe Temple of Inscriptions.
02.24.2003Palenque, ChiapasFellow Pan-American travelers Marty and Jo from Australia.
02.25.2003Outside Bonampak, ChiapasAlong the Frontier Highway.
02.26.2003Bonampak, ChiapasWell-preserved paintings at the Mayan Ruins.
02.26.2003Frontera Corazul, ChiapasBidding fairwell to Mexico.
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