Guatemala Photos
02.27.2003Outside El Subin, El PetenFlat number 7.
02.28.2003Ceibal, El PetenThe only sightly ruins at Ceibal.
03.01.2003Fray Bartolome de Las Casas, Alta VerapazWelcome to Fray!
03.02.2003North of Sebol, Alta VerapazSome of the prettiest riding in months.
03.03.2003Semuc Champey, Alta VerapazOne of Guatemala's most beautiful locations.
03.04.2003Lanquin, Alta VerapazThe travelers' oasis of El Retiro.
03.07.2003Coban, Atla VerapazWorld travelers Chris and Erin.
03.08.2003Outside Chixoy, Alta VerapazThe rugged Coban to Huehuetenango route.
03.11.2003Outside Huehuetenango, HuehuetenangoLunchtime in the Highlands.
03.16.2003Chichicastenango, GuatemalaThe vegetable market at Chichi.
03.16.2003Chichicastenango, GuatemalaWho needs backpacks?
03.17.2003East of Los Encuentros, GuatemalaScenery along the Pan-Am(Lake Atitlan visible in the distance).
03.20.2003Antigua, GuatemalaA perfect day for a climb up the towering Agua volcano.
03.20.2003Antigua, GuatemalaThe cyclist in Guatemala's nemesis--the Chicken Bus.
03.20.2003Volcan Agua, GuatemalaAmazing view number 1 on the crater circuit--the erupting Fuego volcano.
03.20.2003Volcan Agua, GuatemalaAmazing view number 2 on the crater circuit--the always active Pocaya volcano.
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