02.13.2004ArgentinaTierra del Fuego National Park, ArgentinaView from atop Mount Guanuco.
02.13.2004ArgentinaTierra del Fuego National Park, ArgentinaThe official end of the route.
02.11.2004ArgentinaOutside Ushuaia, ArgentinaUshuaia and the Beagle Channel.
02.09.2004ArgentinaUshuaia, ArgentinaCookin' up some meat.
02.08.2004ArgentinaNorthwest of Ushuaia, ArgentinaAnother milestone...20,000 miles.
02.08.2004ArgentinaUshuaia, ArgentinaEl Fin.
02.07.2004ArgentinaWest of Tolhuin, ArgentinaLake Esmeralda and the dusty road to Ushuaia.
02.06.2004ArgentinaSouth of Rio Grande, ChileA common sight in the Land of Fire.
02.06.2004ArgentinaRio Grande, ChileBidding farewell to Graciela.
02.02.2004ChileSouth of Cullen, ChileEnjoying a post-ride cocktail.
02.02.2004ChileSouth of Cerro Sombrero, ChileGuanuco crossing.
02.01.2004ChileSouth of Paso Austral, ChileTierra del Fuego awaits.
01.31.2004ArgentinaSouth of Rio Gallegos, ArgentinaWhole lotta nothing.
01.23.2004ArgentinaNortheast of El Calafate, ArgentinaApproaching Lake Argentino.
01.21.2004ArgentinaEast of El Chalten, ArgentinaClouds over the pampas.
01.20.2004ArgentinaGlaciers National Park, ArgentinaMount Fitz-Roy's smaller neighbors--Mounts Saint-Exupery and Poincenot.
01.18.2004ArgentinaGlaciers National Park, ArgentinaMount Torre and Laguna Torre.
01.17.2004ArgentinaNorth of Lake of the Desert, ArgentinaFellow cyclists Bruno and Laure.
01.16.2004ChileSouth of Candelario MancillaThe "road" to the frontier.
01.16.2004ChileOutside Candelario Mancilla, ChileCrossing back to Argentina--the hard way.
01.15.2004ChileNear Campimento Entre Rios, ChileOverlook "Between Rivers."
01.12.2004ChileNorth of Cruce El Malten, ChileMorning over Lake General Carrera.
01.12.2004ChileSouth of Puerto Bertrand, ChileChile's most voluminous river--the River Baker.
01.11.2004ChileLake General Carrera, ChileOutside "The Cathedral."
01.09.2004ChileOutside Villa Cerro Castillo, ChileCastle Mountain.
01.06.2004ChileWest of Puente Cisnes, ChileThe Camino Austral winds its way up the Cisnes River Valley.
12.30.2003ArgentinaNear Lake Rivadia, ArgentinaCamping "The Grandfather."
12.29.2003ArgentinaEl Bolson, ArgentinaWhat could be better--beer and camping.
12.28.2003ArgentinaOutside El Bolson, ArgentinaView down the eastern slopes of Mount Piltiquitron.
12.26.2003ArgentinaVilla Mascaradi, ArgentinaFellow campers Lazarus and Santiago
12.23.2003ArgentinaNorthwest of Villa La Angostura, ArgentinaA placid Lake Nahuelhuapi.
12.23.2003ArgentinaNorthwest of Villa La Angostura, ArgentinaLake Espejo at dawn.
12.18.2003ChileSoutheast of Puesco, ChileVolcano Lanin and the road to the frontier.
12.18.2003ChileSoutheast of Puesco, ChileThe araucaria tree.
12.17.2003ChileSouth of Caburgua, ChileOjos de Carburgua.
12.16.2003ChileSouth of Pucon, ChileThe descent from the crater.
12.16.2003ChileSouth of Pucon, ChileOn the rim of Villarrica.
12.16.2003ChileVillarrica, ChileLake Villarrica and Volcano Villarrica.
12.13.2003ChileVillarrica, ChileCelebrating a year and a half on the road.
11.30.2003ChileSouth of Pichilemu, ChileA change of pace.
11.28.2003ChileIsla Negra, ChilePablo Neruda's former seaside residence.
11.27.2003ChileLas Docas, ChileFormer pirate haven.
11.26.2003ChileValparaiso, ChileView of the port.
11.23.2003ChileVina del Mar, ChileSunday Bathers.
11.21.2003ChileEast of Los Libertadores, ChileDescending into Chile.
11.20.2003ArgentinaAconcagua Provincial Park, ArgentinaLake Horcones.
11.20.2003ArgentinaAconcagua Provincial Park, ArgentinaThe Americas' highest peak--Aconcagua.
11.20.2003ArgentinaAconcagua Provincial Park, ArgentinaAnother classic campsite.
11.19.2003ArgentinaPuente del Inca, ArgentinaThe town's namesake natural wonder.
11.18.2003ArgentinaWest of Uspallata, ArgentinaThe road to the frontier.
11.17.2003ArgentinaWest of Lujan de Cuyo, ArgentinaParting clouds reveal the storm's work.
11.11.2003ArgentinaVallecito, ArgentinaThe Difunta Correa.
11.08.2003ArgentinaTalampaya National Park, ArgentinaThe "Cathedral."
11.07.2003ArgentinaWest of Miranda, ArgentinaThe Cuesta de Miranda.
11.06.2003ArgentinaChilecito, ArgentinaStation number 1 for the world's longest and highest cable car system.
10.30.2003ArgentinaQuilmes, ArgentinaRestored ruins of the pre-Hispanic village.
10.30.2003ArgentinaSouth of Cafayate, ArgentinaThe vineyards of Etchart Wineries.
10.29.2003ArgentinaSouth of Angostaco, ArgentinaQuebrada de las Flechas.
10.28.2003ArgentinaNorth of Molino, ArgentinaRoute 40.
10.27.2003ArgentinaOutside Cachi, ArgentinaThe road to Las Pailas.
10.26.2003ArgentinaWest of Chicoana, ArgentinaThe Cuesta de Obispo.
10.26.2003ArgentinaWest of Chicoana, ArgentinaThe Enchanted Valley.
10.20.2003ArgentinaWest of Purmamarca, ArgentinaValley of the colored mountains.
10.20.2003ArgentinaWest of Purmamarca, ArgentinaThe descent from Potrerillos Pass.
10.20.2003ArgentinaEast of Salinas Grandes, ArgentinaLeaving the altiplano behind.
10.16.2003ChileWest of Paso Jama, ChileMore surreal scenery.
10.16.2003ChileWest of Pasa Jama, ChileA much-needed descent.
10.16.2003ChileEast of San Pedro de Atacama, ChileSalt, sand and snow.
10.12.2003ChileOutside San Pedro de Atacama, ChileValley of the Moon
10.07.2003ChileSouth of Ollague, ChileSalar de Ollague.
10.06.2003BoliviaEast of Ollague, ChileApproaching the frontier.
10.05.2003BoliviaJulaca, BoliviaRemnants of the past.
10.04.2003BoliviaWest of Uyuni, BoliviaThe slow train to Calama.
10.02.2003BoliviaUyuni, BoliviaMarket day.
10.01.2003BoliviaIsla de Incahuasi, BoliviaBizarre scenery of the salar.
09.30.2003BoliviaSalar de Uyuni, BoliviaThe largest and highest salt lake in the world.
09.30.2003BoliviaSalar de Uyuni, BoliviaSalt mine.
09.27.2003BoliviaSouth of Huachacalla, BoliviaNo bridges on the "road" from Huachacalla.
09.26.2003BoliviaEast of Huachacalla, BoliviaThe volcano-lined Bolivia-Chile frontier.
09.25.2003BoliviaSouth of Turcos, BoliviaDominique blazes the path.
09.16.2003BoliviaEast of Batallas, BoliviaProtest rocks.
09.15.2003BoliviaWest of Tiquina, BoliviaThe perfect day along Lake Titicaca.
09.15.2003BoliviaCopacabana, BoliviaBicycle blessing.
09.14.2003BoliviaIsla del Sol, BoliviaThe sacred rock worshipped as the birthplace of the Inca.
09.14.2003BoliviaIsla del Sol, BoliviaView of the Cordillera Real across Lake Titacaca.
09.13.2003BoliviaCopacabana, BoliviaCopacabana's waterfront.
09.10.2003PeruTaquile, PeruMarian, Dominique and a friend.
09.10.2003PeruOutside Puno, PeruThe floating islands of Uros.
09.04.2003PeruMacchu Picchu, PeruThe classic view.
09.03.2003PeruNear Phuyupatamarca, PeruThe Inca Trail--steps, steps and more steps.
09.02.2003PeruWarmiwanuska, PeruThe trail leading to Dead Woman's Pass.
09.02.2003PeruSayacmarca, PeruInca storehouse.
09.01.2003PeruLlulluchapampa, PeruThe crew.
09.01.2003PeruPiscacucho, PeruThe trek begins.
08.30.2003PeruMoray, PeruAmphitheater? No, Inca agro-lab.
08.30.2003PeruChinchero, PeruPreparing for market.
08.30.2003PeruSalineras, PeruSalt pans in use since Inca times.
08.28.2003PeruPisac, PeruThe hilltop Inca fortress of Pisac.
08.27.2003PeruCusco, PeruInca stonework at Qoricancha(Temple of the Sun).
08.21.2003PeruOutside Abancay, PeruThe descent into the Pachihaca Valley.
08.20.2003PeruKishuara, PeruSharing a drink with several of Kishuara's finest teachers.
08.18.2003PeruWest of Andahuaylas, PeruMy furry friends.
08.16.2003PeruSouth of Ayacucho, PeruHigh atop the pampas.
08.12.2003PeruWest of Apacheta, PeruThe route to Apacheta Pass.
08.12.2003PeruWest of Ayacucho, PeruThe storm that failed to catch me.
08.11.2003PeruOutside Santa Ines, PeruLake Choclococha.
08.10.2003PeruSouth of Hauncavelica, PeruAscending along the world's highest continuous road.
08.10.2003PeruSouth of Chanta Pass, PeruPristine high altitude scenery.
08.08.2003PeruSouth of Izcuchaca, PeruThe rugged route to Huancavelica.
08.02.2003PeruSouth of Junin, PeruSchoolchildren preparing for the anniversary celebrations of the Battle of Junin.
08.01.2003PeruJunin, PeruA surprise snow blankets the town's plaza.
08.01.2003PeruSouth of Cerro de Pasco, PeruEntering the altiplano of Junin--Lake Yanamati.
07.30.2003PeruHuanuco, PeruSarah and Gaby--welcoming every Pan-American cyclist to the town of Huanuco.
07.17.2003PeruWest of Huanuco, PeruThe band plays on.
07.17.2003PeruWest of Huanuco, PeruFiesta time.
07.15.2003PeruPocpa, PeruAlternative means of transport.
07.15.2003PeruWest of Matacancha, PeruCompleting the ascent to Cuncush on foot.
07.15.2003PeruWest of Matacancha, PeruO2 break.
07.13.2003PeruCordillera Huayhuash, PeruThe picture-perfect peaks(Jirishanca, Yerupaja Chico) of the Huayhuash Range.
07.12.2003PeruCordillera Huayhuash, PeruCamping at Lake Jahuacocha.
07.10.2003PeruNorth of Conococha, PeruMount Caullaraju.
07.10.2003PeruEast of Pachacoto, PeruMy last day along the Cordillera Blanca.
07.10.2003PeruWest of Chiquian, PeruOne of my first glimpses of the Cordillera Huayhuash.
07.06.2003PeruHuascaran National Park, PeruDescending through Huaripampa Valley.
07.05.2003PeruHuascaran National Park, PeruAtop Punta Union Pass.
07.05.2003PeruHuascaran National Park, PeruEn route to Punta Union Pass.
07.04.2003PeruHuascaran National Park, PeruCamping at the base of Taulliraju.
06.30.2003PeruNorth of Carhuaz, PeruFellow cyclists Bindy and Adrian.
06.30.2003PeruSouth of Yungay, PeruPeru's highest peak--Mount Huascaran.
06.30.2003PeruSouth of Yungay, PeruThe majestic peaks of the Cordillera Blanca.
06.29.2003PeruSouth of Huallanca, PeruThe canyon narrows.
06.29.2003PeruYurimarca, PeruView from outside my "hotel" room.
06.28.2003PeruOutside Chuquicara, PeruMore fun canyon riding.
06.27.2003PeruOutside Chuquicara, PeruThe rocky road to nowhere.
06.26.2003PeruSoutheast of Viru, PeruReturning to the Andes.
06.24.2003PeruOutside Trujillo, PeruThe great adobe city of Chan Chan.
06.23.2003PeruSouth of Pacasmayo, PeruRoadside Pan-Am scenery.
06.22.2003PeruEast of Pacasmayo, PeruDesert monotony.
06.20.2003PeruTucume, PeruFormer capital of the Lambayeque civilization.
06.16.2003EcuadorEast of Catamayo, EcuadorLooking to Peru.
06.15.2003EcuadorNorth of Loja, EcuadorThe finest detour to date.
06.10.2003EcuadorIngapirca, EcuadorEcaudor's most important Incan ruins.
06.09.2003EcuadorWest of Canar, EcuadorWorld traveler Matthieu Monceaux.
06.09.2003EcuadorSouth of Alausi, EcuadorMore nearly artistic hillsides.
06.08.2003EcuadorNorth of Alausi, EcuadorThe familiar checkered hillsides of the Andes.
06.05.2003EcuadorEast of Banos, EcuadorThe most impressive falls on the route--Rio Verde waterfalls.
06.05.2003EcuadorEast of Banos, EcuadorThe Avenue of Waterfalls lives up to its name.
06.02.2003EcuadorEast of Zumbahua, EcuadorMy first 4000m(13,000 ft.) pass--the llamas were unimpressed.
06.01.2003EcuadorQuilotoa, EcuadorQuilotoa's crater lake.
05.31.2003EcuadorNorth of Chugchilan, EcuadorCrazy Andean terrain.
05.30.2003EcuadorEast of Sigchos, EcuadorAndean greenery.
05.30.2003EcuadorWest of Lasso, EcuadorEn route to Sigchos--the Paramo de Wintza.
05.29.2003EcuadorCotopaxi National Park, EcuadorMy first glimpse of the paramo.
05.29.2003EcuadorCotopaxi National Park, EcuadorAt the base of the park's namesake volcano.
05.22.2003PanamaPanama City, PanamaMiraflores Locks.
05.21.2003PanamaPanama City, PanamCasco Antiguo: Reuben Blades' restored villa and the bombed-out remains of one of Noriega's old haunts.
05.19.2003PanamaPanama City, PanamaArrival at the crossroads of the Americas.
05.19.2003PanamaOutside Panama City, PanamaThe Bridge of the Americas.
05.14.2003PanamaNorth of Chirqui, PanamaFortuna Forest Reserve.
05.14.2003PanamaNorth of Chiriqui, PanamaThe Pacific Slope.
05.13.2003PanamaBocas del Toro, PanamaA rainy departure.
05.12.2003PanamaBocas del Toro, PanamaDolphin Bay.
05.11.2003PanamaBocas del Toro, PanamaPrime surfing(not me) at Playa Bluff.
05.09.2003PanamaOutside Changuinola, PanamaThe banana factory.
05.09.2003Costa RicaPuerto Viejo, Costa RicaOne of several nearly deserted beaches outside Puerto Viejo.
05.02.2003Costa RicaLa Paz Waterfall Gardens, Costa RicaKelly in front of one of the gushers.
05.02.2003Costa RicaLa Paz Waterfall Gardens, Costa RicaThe obligatory butterfly shot.
05.02.2003Costa RicaVolcano Poas, Costa RicaA break in the clouds reveals the crater.
05.02.2003Costa RicaLa Paz Waterfall Gardens, Costa RicaA rare stationary hummingbird.
04.28.2003Costa RicaMonteverde, Costa RicaBrother and sister at the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve.
04.26.2003Costa RicaOutside La Fortuna, Costa RicaCentral America's most active volcano--Arenal.
04.19.2003NicaraguaIsla de Omatepe, NicaraguaPrime campsite at Finca Venecia.
04.18.2003NicaraguaIsla de Omatepe, NicaraguaSanto Domingo beach with Volcano Concepcion in the background.
04.03.2003HondurasOutside Migel Guancapla, HondurasThe road to La Esperanza.
04.02.2003HondurasOutside Gracias, HondurasOverlook in Celaque National Park.
03.29.2003El SalvadorLake Coatepeque, El SalvadorA placid morning.
03.29.2003El SalvadorLake Coatepeque, El SalvadorOne of my admirers.
03.27.2003El SalvadorCandelaria de la Frontera, El SalvadorMy gracious hosts.
03.26.2003El SalvadorTazumal, El SalvadorThe Mayan ruins at Tazumal.
03.20.2003GuatemalaAntigua, GuatemalaA perfect day for a climb up the towering Agua volcano.
03.20.2003GuatemalaVolcan Agua, GuatemalaAmazing view number 1 on the crater circuit--the erupting Fuego volcano.
03.20.2003GuatemalaAntigua, GuatemalaThe cyclist in Guatemala's nemesis--the Chicken Bus.
03.20.2003GuatemalaVolcan Agua, GuatemalaAmazing view number 2 on the crater circuit--the always active Pocaya volcano.
03.17.2003GuatemalaEast of Los Encuentros, GuatemalaScenery along the Pan-Am(Lake Atitlan visible in the distance).
03.16.2003GuatemalaChichicastenango, GuatemalaThe vegetable market at Chichi.
03.16.2003GuatemalaChichicastenango, GuatemalaWho needs backpacks?
03.11.2003GuatemalaOutside Huehuetenango, HuehuetenangoLunchtime in the Highlands.
03.08.2003GuatemalaOutside Chixoy, Alta VerapazThe rugged Coban to Huehuetenango route.
03.07.2003GuatemalaCoban, Atla VerapazWorld travelers Chris and Erin.
03.04.2003GuatemalaLanquin, Alta VerapazThe travelers' oasis of El Retiro.
03.03.2003GuatemalaSemuc Champey, Alta VerapazOne of Guatemala's most beautiful locations.
03.02.2003GuatemalaNorth of Sebol, Alta VerapazSome of the prettiest riding in months.
03.01.2003GuatemalaFray Bartolome de Las Casas, Alta VerapazWelcome to Fray!
02.28.2003GuatemalaCeibal, El PetenThe only sightly ruins at Ceibal.
02.27.2003GuatemalaOutside El Subin, El PetenFlat number 7.
02.26.2003MexicoBonampak, ChiapasWell-preserved paintings at the Mayan Ruins.
02.26.2003MexicoFrontera Corazul, ChiapasBidding fairwell to Mexico.
02.25.2003MexicoOutside Bonampak, ChiapasAlong the Frontier Highway.
02.24.2003MexicoPalenque, ChiapasFellow Pan-American travelers Marty and Jo from Australia.
02.23.2003MexicoPalenque, ChiapasTemple of the Cross.
02.23.2003MexicoPalenque, MexicoThe Temple of Inscriptions.
02.22.2003MexicoMiso-Ha, ChiapasThe falls of Miso-Ha.
02.21.2003MexicoAgua Azul, ChiapasOne of several falls at Agua Azul.
02.21.2003MexicoAgua Azul, ChiapasThe inviting pools at Agua Azul.
02.20.2003MexicoOcosingo, ChiapasMy Commandante Marcos keychain.
02.19.2003MexicoSan Juan Chamula, ChiapasTzotzil children.
02.17.2003MexicoOutside Chiapa de Corzo, ChiapasLeaving Tuxtla Gutierrez behind and heading into the highlands.
02.16.2003MexicoChiapa de Corzo, ChiapasSumidero Canyon.
02.13.2003MexicoOutside Tepanatepec, OaxacaIntro to Chiapas.
02.04.2003MexicoMazunte, OaxacaThe mellow travelers' destination of Mazunte.
01.31.2003MexicoZipolite, OaxacaThe first of several fine beaches north of Puerto Angel.
01.30.2003MexicoNorth of Pachutla, OaxacaThe steamy descent to the coast.
01.30.2003MexicoOutside Miahuatlan, OaxacaAscending into the Sierra Sur.
01.29.2003MexicoOaxaca, MexicoHostel Paulina.
01.29.2003MexicoOutside Oaxaca, MexicoThe ingredients for the world's best mezcal.
01.29.2003MexicoOaxaca, MexicoThe friendly host at Hostel Paulina.
01.28.2003MexicoDainzu, OaxacaThe ruins at Dainzu, dating from 300 BC.
01.28.2003MexicoTule, OaxacaThe Tree of Tule, supposedly the biggest single biomass in the world.
01.28.2003MexicoYagul, OaxacaThe post-Monte Alban ruins at Yagul.
01.27.2003MexicoOutside Oaxaca, MexicoThe Zapotec ruins at Monte Alban.
01.24.2003MexicoOutside Huajuapan de Leon, OaxacaThe road going up and away from Huajuapan.
01.21.2003MexicoOutside Cuautla, PueblaThe mighty Popocactepetl.
01.19.2003MexicoCurnavaca, GuerreroThe Palace of Cortez.
01.17.2003MexicoTaxco, GuerreroThe hillside silver center of Taxco.
01.16.2003MexicoGuerreroThe Caves of Cacahuimilpa.
01.15.2003MexicoTenango, MexicoThe hillside ruins at Teotenango.
01.15.2003MexicoTenango, MexicoThe ruins at Teotenango.
01.14.2003MexicoMexico City, MexicoOne of many murals at the Institute of Public Education.
01.11.2003MexicoEl Rosario, MichoacanMonarch butterfly mating grounds.
01.09.2003MexicoOutside Morelia, MichoacanThe Mil Cumbres Highway.
01.08.2003MexicoMorelia, MichoacanOne of the many fine plazas in Morelia.
01.06.2003MexicoGuanajuato, MexicoGuanajuato's underworld.
01.05.2003MexicoGuanajuato, MexicoView of the town.
01.05.2003MexicoGuanajuato, MexicoThe world's smallest mummie.
01.03.2003MexicoDolores Hidalgo, GuanajuatoIndependence leader Miguel Hidalgo.
12.22.2002MexicoSan Miguel de Allende, GuanajuatoView of the town from the Mirador.
12.21.2002MexicoSan Miguel de Allende, GuanajuatoParroquia de San Miguel Arcangel.
12.20.2002MexicoSan Luis de la Paz, GuanajuatoFour Pan-American cyclists saddle up for one last ride together.
12.19.2002MexicoOutside San Luis Potosi, MexicoAnother roadside swarming.
12.14.2002MexicoZacatecas, ZacatecasView of the town from La Bufa.
12.11.2002MexicoSombrerete, DurangoA splendid little colonial town.
12.11.2002MexicoVincente Guerrero, DurangoFritz finishes up an autograph session with the local schoolkids.
12.11.2002MexicoSombrerete, DurangoThe first marching band I've seen equipped with miner's hats and headlamps.
12.09.2002MexicoDurango, DurangoThe cathedral.
12.08.2002MexicoVilla del Oeste, DurangoMain street.
12.08.2002MexicoOutside Durango, DurangoLunchtime on the altiplano.
12.03.2002MexicoHidalgo del Parral, ChihuahuaThe Plaza de Armas.
12.01.2002MexicoOutside Balleza, ChihuahuaNo more pine trees.
11.29.2002MexicoSatevo, ChihuahuaThe Lost Cathedral.
11.28.2002MexicoOutside La Bufa, ChihuahuaStellar canyon riding.
11.27.2002MexicoOutside La Bufa, ChihuahuaThe biggest descent of the trip.
11.27.2002MexicoOutside La Bufa, ChihuahuaThe deepest of all the canyons.
11.27.2002MexicoOutside La Bufa, Chihuahua
11.26.2002MexicoOutside Creel, ChihuahuaThe first of several canyons.
11.26.2002MexicoOutside Creel, ChihuahuaMore canyon fun.
11.25.2002MexicoOutside Creel, ChihuahuaBisabirachi--Valley of the erect???
11.24.2002MexicoDivisadero, ChihuahuaOur first glimpse of Copper Canyon.
11.16.2002MexicoBahia de Loreto, BCSAnother fine bay along the penninsula.
11.14.2002MexicoBahia de Concepcion, BCSOne of the many fine inlets along Conception Bay.
11.13.2002MexicoMulege, BCSThe oasis at Mulege.
11.10.2002MexicoSan Ignacio, BCSThe oasis at San Ignacio.
11.10.2002MexicoSan Ignacio, BCSThe mission at San Ignacio.
11.07.2002MexicoSouth of Laguna Chapala, BCThe Desierto Central.
11.06.2002MexicoCoco's Corner, BCA welcomed sight in the desert.
11.05.2002MexicoBahia Gonzaga, BCThe Bay at dusk.
11.05.2002MexicoBahia Gonzaga, BCBeachside accomodations.
11.04.2002MexicoSouth of Puertocitos, BCThe "Road from Hell."
11.03.2002MexicoNorth of Puertocitos, BCDesert humor.
11.01.2002MexicoSoutheast of Valle de la Trinidad, BCDiablo Mountain and the road not taken.
10.29.2002MexicoOutside Tecate, BCA most unexpected campsite.
10.28.2002MexicoTecate, BCCrossing the border.
10.19.2002United States/West CoastSanta Monica, CASoCal livin'.
10.17.2002United States/West CoastOutside Pismo Beach, CA
10.14.2002United States/West CoastNorth of Big Sur, CAThe Road South's theme shot.
10.14.2002United States/West CoastSouth of Carmel, CAClassic coastal riding.
10.13.2002United States/West CoastSouth of Half Moon Bay, CASigns of Fall.
10.10.2002United States/West CoastSan Francisco, CAUnited at last.
10.08.2002United States/West CoastSan Francisco, CAUncle Nick and his niece Maggie.
09.28.2002United States/West CoastSan Francisco, CAOn the famed Golden Gate Bridge.
09.27.2002United States/West CoastNorth of Jenner, CAOne of the most dramatic sections of Highway 1 in Northern California.
09.23.2002United States/West CoastWeott, CACamp in the Redwoods.
09.19.2002United States/West CoastBrookings, ORDusk at Harris Beach.
09.19.2002United States/West CoastNorth of Brookings, OROne of many natural bridges along Oregon's southern coast.
09.18.2002United States/West CoastNear Charleston, ORThe first clear view along the Oregon coast.
09.13.2002United States/West CoastNear Cathlamet, WAThe Columbia River.
09.11.2002CanadaWest of Kamloops, BCSite of the former settlement of Walhachin.
09.10.2002United States/West CoastSouth of Brinnon, WADawn on the Hood Canal.
09.09.2002United States/West CoastStrait of Juan de FucaEn route to Port Angeles from Victoria, BC.
09.01.2002CanadaWest of Kamloops, BCLake Kamloops.
08.28.2002CanadaGlacier National Park, BCThe view of Rogers Pass from the Great Glacier trail.
08.28.2002CanadaRogers Pass, BCOne of several "Scary Tunnels" along Rogers Pass.
08.27.2002CanadaLake Louise, ABView of Lake Louise from atop Big Beehive.
08.26.2002CanadaIcefields Parkway, ABPeyto Lake and the approach to Bow Pass.
08.25.2002CanadaIcefields Parkway, ABAthabascan Glacier within the Columbia Icefield.
08.24.2002CanadaIcefields Parkway, ABOne of the many nice views along the Parkway.
08.23.2002CanadaOutside Jasper, ABAs always, a stiff climb ends with a grand view.
08.23.2002CanadaOutside Jasper, ABView of the townsite from Whistlers mountain.
08.21.2002CanadaMt. Robson, BCThe Canadian Rockies' highest peak.
08.14.2002CanadaWest of Smithers, BCThe view from the end of the Glacier Gulch trail.
08.14.2002CanadaWest of Smithers, BCOne of the Twin Falls of the Hudson Bay Range.
08.14.2002CanadaWest of Smithers, BCOne of the Twin Falls of the Hudson Bay Range.
08.13.2002CanadaWest of Smithers, BCThe welcomed arrival of farms provided a nice contrast against the mountains.
08.11.2002United States/AlaskaHyder, AKTwo of Hyder's three wandering horses paying my campsite a visit.
08.11.2002United States/AlaskaHyder, AKHyder's namesake.
08.10.2002CanadaEast of Stewart, BCBear Glacier.
08.10.2002United States/AlaskaHyder, AKBear fishing at Fish Creek.
08.10.2002CanadaEast of Stewart, BCThe ride down to Stewart was especially scenic.
08.08.2002CanadaSouth of Dease Lake, BCCoastal weather to accompany the Coastal Range.
08.04.2002CanadaBoya Lake, BCOne of the many scenic lakes along the Cassiar Highway.
07.31.2002CanadaSquanga Lake, YTDusk at Squanga Lake.
07.30.2002CanadaWhitehorse, YTThe Yukon flows through Miles Canyon.
07.27.2002CanadaWhitehorse, YTEntering Whitehorse.
07.26.2002CanadaSouth of Haines Junction, YTHiking the Aurol Trail.
07.25.2002CanadaHaines Junction, YTThe view from the junction.
07.25.2002CanadaKluane Lake, YTThe ride along the lake was not as picturesque as expected.
07.22.2002CanadaThe BorderCrossing into the Yukon.
07.17.2002United States/AlaskaNorth Pole, AKThe commercial version.
07.11.2002United States/AlaskaArctic Circle, AKCrossing the Arctic Circle.
07.11.2002United States/AlaskaSouth of Coldfoot, AKTypical stretch of road south of Coldfoot.
07.09.2002United States/AlaskaDalton Highway, AKThe road leading up to Atigun Pass.
07.09.2002United States/AlaskaNorth of Coldfoot, AKReturning to the land of spruce trees after Atigun Pass.
07.08.2002United States/AlaskaDalton Highway, AKThe road's constant companion--the pipeline.
07.06.2002United States/AlaskaDeadhorse, AKA grim reminder.
07.06.2002United States/AlaskaSouth of Deadhorse, AKNot the prettiest place on earth.
07.03.2002United States/AlaskaKodiak, AKOur boat approaches Kodiak.
07.03.2002United States/AlaskaKodiak, AKView from Mt. Pinnacle.
07.03.2002United States/AlaskaKodiak, AKOne of my favorite signs.
07.03.2002United States/AlaskaKodiak, AKThe Emerald Isle.
07.02.2002United States/AlaskaOutside Homer, AKView of the Cook Inlet from the approach into Homer.
06.30.2002United States/AlaskaEast of Soldotna, AKLake ???
06.29.2002United States/AlaskaPrince William Sound, AKColumbia Glacier.
06.29.2002United States/AlaskaPrince William Sound, AKSea lion community en route from Valdez to Whittier.
06.29.2002United States/AlaskaValdez, AKThe MV Bartlett.
06.28.2002United States/AlaskaValdez, AKCamp life.
06.26.2002United States/AlaskaThompson Pass, AKAtop the pass.
06.26.2002United States/AlaskaThompson Pass, AKThe road leading to the pass.
06.24.2002United States/AlaskaWest of Paxson, AKStretch of tundra along the Denali Highway.
06.23.2002United States/AlaskaEast of Cantwell, AKView of the Alaskan Range from the Denali Highway.
06.22.2002United States/AlaskaEast of Cantwell, AKThe Denali Highway.
06.20.2002United States/AlaskaDenali National Park, AKBraided river on a dreary day.
06.17.2002United States/AlaskaHatcher Pass, AKIndependence Mine Historical Site
06.17.2002United States/AlaskaHatcher Pass, AKThe final stretch to the pass.
06.17.2002United States/AlaskaHatcher Pass, AKBicyclist reads: Sweet road with no traffic.
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